In Switzerland, the European drone regulations apply

Compulsory registration, categories and classes

  • EU regulation distinguishes between three different categories. The majority of drones are flown in the open category. This category regulates the operation of drones that can basically fly without permits. The new EU regulation requires pilots to register on the official registration platform (UAS.gate). After registration, the pilot must complete an online training course and an online test. For flying drones with a take-off weight of less than 250 grams, only the registration obligation for the pilot applies.
  • The operating classes differ mainly in how close you are allowed to fly to uninvolved persons. This means people who have not been informed about the drone flight and have not given their consent. Generally, you are not allowed to fly over gatherings of people in the open category, regardless of the subcategory. A crowd is defined as a large number of people standing so close together that it is almost impossible for a single person to move away from the crowd.

Drones without class markings, can still be flown according to the rules of the transition category

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What is a drone class identification?

  • With the general "CE" marking, the manufacturer confirms that the drone system complies with the general technical standards. In addition to material specifications, these also include, for example, compliance with radio standards, etc. A "CE" marking is a prerequisite for the drone class identification.
  • The drone class identification guarantees that the drone corresponds to a drone class, which takes into account, among other things, weight, noise, danger and technical functions. Depending on the drone class, pilot competencies are required and the areas of use are restricted within the Open category.

Retrofit drones with a class identification

  • DJI has announced a process by which drones can subsequently receive the class identification. To do this, the serial number must be reported to the manufacturer.

Which drones already have a class identification?

  • DJI Mavic 3 Classic (C1) - will be added to continuously!
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