Adoption of new European drone regulation

Switzerland will take over the new European drone regulation. It will come into force in June 2020. From this date, drone pilots will be obliged to register. The FOCA has begun implementing the European regulation. This will enable drone pilots to fly throughout European airspace according to the same rules in future.

  • Drones must meet certain basic industrial standards and receive a CE seal.
  • Anyone operating a drone with a flight weight of 250g or more must register from June 2020 and take an online test.
    Owners of drones under 250g must also register if they are equipped with a camera or can process other personal data.
  • In the open category, a maximum flight altitude of 120 metres above ground is now required. As before, the drone must be operated in direct visual contact.
  • The EU regulation provides for a minimum age of 16 years for the independent operation of drones. This can be reduced by the national supervisory authorities to a maximum of 12 years.
  • Small drones under 250g flight weight can be operated without restrictions unless they are equipped with a camera.