New rules for drones from 2024

 Only drones with class markings are still authorised

  • From 2024, no drone may be placed on the market without belonging to a class of drone. This applies to Switzerland and the whole of the EU. Those responsible include not only manufacturers such as DJI, but also importers and distributors.
  • Given that from 2024 onwards, every drone sold will have to be C-rated, it will be easier for buyers to know which model they are buying and what safety requirements and functions the drone fulfils.


What does this mean for existing drones?

  • Owners of existing drones will be able to continue flying, but with additional restrictions. To this end, all existing drones (Drones without C class marking) will be classified in category OPEN A1 or OPEN A3.

EU rules for drones

New rules for drones from 2024

  • All existing drones weighing less than 250g are grouped together. All the drones in this group can continue to fly in the OPEN A1 category with the greatest freedom and the least restrictions.

    These drones can therefore fly close to people and even in residential areas.

  • All existing drones weighing more than 250g will be grouped together in a separate category. This means that from 2024 onwards, all these drones will only be able to fly in the much more restrictive OPEN A3 category.

    Care must be taken to ensure that no uninvolved persons can appear in the flight zone.