• Before launching your drone, it is important that you inform yourself about the legal restrictions and basic principles. If you are flying in public airspace, there are a number of things to consider.
  • In cooperation with the Federal Office of Civil Aviation (FOCA), AEROPERS, skyguide and the Swiss Model Aircraft Association, we have summarised the most important rules for flying drones for you. 

 With speed comes responsibility - "racing drones" are not toys!

  • The new FPV drone from DJI opens up new fascinating possibilities. However, this drone is not suitable for beginners!
  • It should also be noted that these little speedsters are not toys. Responsible handling is mandatory!
  •  FPV flights require a special permit from the FOCA. Without this, you are liable to prosecution if you fly a drone out of your line of sight. However, you may fly with video goggles if the drone is within your line of sight and a second pilot standing next to you could take control at any time.

These drone rules apply in Switzerland

  • Drones are now a mass phenomenon. The more missiles buzzing around in the sky, the more important are clear rules. And just as important: that every person launching a drone knows these rules. Stricter drone regulations in line with EU law have been planned in Switzerland for some time. But their introduction has been delayed. 
  • Following the adoption of a motion by both chambers of parliament calling for the exclusion of traditional aeromodelling from the new EU provisions on drones, Switzerland must start negotiations with the EU. For this reason, Swiss law will continue to apply to drones and model aircraft until further notice.

Where and how can I fly?

  • The flight zone map provides information about no-fly zones. The app you need to fly a drone from DJI tells you whether you are not allowed to fly at your location or only with permission. In addition to the DJI app, the installation of the skyguide app "Swiss U-Space" is recommended.

 - Purple: Airports and airfields, no flying within a radius of 5 kilometers.

- Yellow: Nature reserves, no flying.

- Blue: Flying allowed, but not higher than 150 meters.

- Red: No-fly zone for all drones, located near Vaduz.




  • It is not prohibited to fly over inhabited areas. However, you need a permit from the FOCA to fly directly over crowds or in their vicinity (less than 100 meters). A crowd is a group of at least 24 people standing close together. 
  • In addition, you may only fly if you have a liability insurance with at least one million francs coverage. Drones weighing less than 500 grams are exempt from this obligation, but we would recommend insurance for this as well. 
  • For drones weighing less than 500 grams, only the ban on nature reserves and the red no-fly zone apply. The other restrictions do not apply. Behave considerately! Do not fly directly over the heads of people or at an airport.
  • In addition, the provisions of the Data Protection Act and the protection of privacy apply. If you recognize persons on their drone video or if they fly over other people's gardens, you must obtain permission from the respective persons.