You must pay attention to this when flying drones

  • A targeted and comprehensive flight preparation is essential to start a drone flight calmly and still have capacity for the unexpected. On this page you will find all the necessary information.
  • Create your personal checklist so that you don't forget anything important. Checklists reduce errors and provide security.


restrictions out
The drone map of the Federal Office of Civil Aviation shows national bans and restrictions.
geomap out
DJI GEO users can temporarily unlock or self-authorize their flights.
wildzones out
Wildlife rest areas allow people and wildlife to coexist. Respect their boundaries.
dabs out

The Daily Airspace Bulletin Switzerland graphically displays the current airspace status. Guidelines

notam out
NOTAM is information about changes that are important for safe air traffic.
Twice a week, the existing obstacles as well as those to be erected are tracked.
wetter out
The wind speed increases with increasing altitude. This must be taken into account when planning the flight.
icao out
Contains the airports, airfields, airspaces, danger zones, and air traffic control information.
sunrise out
The times indicated are local times and apply to the entire Swiss airspace.
index out
Is an index to represent solar particle radiation by its magnetic effect.

Before taking off with your drone, consider the following points

Fully charge the batteries of the remote control, drone and mobile phone.
Inspect your drone for damage and signs of wear before flying.
Use the mobile app to check that you are not in a no-fly zone.
Only launch your drone with sufficient GPS reception. Be careful in urban canyons.
Keep a distance of at least 3m when taking off and landing the drone.
Before flying away, interrupt the climb to test all control functions.