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The SAFEDroneFlying online test includes questions about the current legislation that applies to drone and model aircraft. The drone online test will be adapted to the EU Drone Regulation as soon as the date of introduction is known. Take the opportunity to prepare for pilot registration and the online exam with our free test.

New EU drone regulation - introduction date still open

The integration of the new European provisions on drones into Swiss law has been postponed. Following the adoption of a motion by both chambers of parliament calling for the exclusion of traditional aeromodelling from the new EU provisions on drones, Switzerland must start negotiations with the EU. For this reason, Swiss law will continue to apply to drones and model aircraft until further notice.

The EU Regulation distinguishes between three categories of operating unmanned aircraft. The majority of drones, especially in the recreational sector, are operated in the Open category. This category regulates the operation of drones which can generally be operated without a licence because the safety risk they pose is considered to be low. The new Regulation stipulates pilot registration, online training and online examinations for most pilots in the open category. Pilots have to register on an official registration platform (UAS.gate). After registration, pilots will also have to undergo online training and an online test to familiarise themselves with the new rules. For flying drones with a take-off weight of less than 250 grams, the pilot does not have to take an exam, for example for the DJI Mini 2, but the registration obligation for the pilot still applies.


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