Permissions for drone flights in Switzerland

  • In Switzerland there are areas where flying drones is prohibited or only possible with a permit. As a drone pilot, you are obliged to inform yourself about the applicable area restrictions before each drone flight.
  • Sensitive areas include airfields, nature reserves, nuclear power plants, wind turbines, correctional facilities, hospitals with helipads and military infrastructure.
  • Within a radius of 5 km around airfields and heliports, a permit is required to operate a drone weighing 0.25 kg or more. The SFO (Special Flight Office) tool helps drone operators to obtain a flight permit from skyguide.
  • The FOCA may issue permits for special flights. For example, for flights in the immediate vicinity of crowds.

airport out
Contacts Airports, airfields and heliports.
sfo out
For Skyguide flight permits.
flysafe out
DJI GEO system with flight restriction zones.
unlock out
For unlocking higher risk zones.
foca out
Responsible for special permissions.
sky out
Guidance for the safe operation of drones.

Permit scheme for drone flights around airfields


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