Permission procedure for drone flights.

  • For flights with RPAS (500g to 30kg) at a distance closer than 5km to a runway of a Swiss aerodrome and flights with RPAS within the control zone (CTR) of a Swiss aerodrome if exceeding a height of 150m above ground, an authorization is required from the responsible air traffic control unit (aerodromes with control zone) and / or the aerodrome operator (aerodromes without control zone).
  • Further information about flights with drones in Switzerland can be found on the skyguide Swiss U-Space website. However, all operations requiring skyguide approval need to follow the Special Flight Office process through the Request Form for special flights. Additional information can be found on the FOCA homepage.

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Within a radius of 5 kilometers around airfields and heliports, the operation of a drone weighing 0.5 kilograms or more requires prior authorization from the airfield operator.
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Special flights in airspace categories C and D may result in additional coordination work for air traffic control. They are therefore subject to approval by skyguide.
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The SFO (Special Flight Office) tool is a web application that assists the operator in obtaining approval from skyguide for a special flight activity.
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Drones may not be operated in the vicinity of crowds or without direct visual contact. In exceptional cases, however, the FOCA may issue a permit.
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DJI restricts GEO flights in zones that pose safety concerns. If a flight has been authorized within one of these zones, DJI GEO allows users to temporarily unlock their flights.
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